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La Polynésie Française est-elle un territoire d’intérêt pour vos marques et modèles?

Une loi a été récemment votée et permet d’éclaircir le vide juridique qui régnait depuis 2004 concernant la protection des droits de propriété industrielle en Polynésie française. Si ce territoire présente un intérêt pour vos droits, il est nécessaire d’effectuer des formalités spécifiques auprès de l’office pour valider la période remontant à mars 2004. De plus, à compter du 1er … Read the rest


La Polynésie française à nouveau concernée par la Propriété Industrielle:

Since 2004, this territory was excluded of the French Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, owners of French IP rights were uncertain on a legal point of view as they could not claim their French rights to justify a protection in French Polynesia.

A law was voted on May 2013, and French industrial rights are now recognized on this territory under the … Read the rest


USA, Shut-down et USPTO : comment se positionner ?

We have all read reports in the papers of the Republicans’ and the Democrats’ failure to agree on the 2014 budget (which was due to start on October 1). This agreement has caused the public administration departments to shut down.


But what about the US Patent & Trademark Office?

The USPTO is not a public administration like the others, … Read the rest


French threat on Design rights for Ink cartridge?

Just published is a decision issued on April 15, 2010, where the Paris Court of Instance upheld that the registered Designs of ink cartridge hold by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION be invalidated.

The Court said that such designs lacked novelty and individual character because, when normally used by the public, they are incorporated into a complex product and are no more … Read the rest


Community design and individual character

The General Court of the European Community (formerly First Instance European Court) has confirmed on June 22, 2010, the invalidity of Community Registered design No. 241/903-0001, shown below and intended to be applied to ‘communications equipment’

Bosch Security System BV filed a declaration of invalidity against this design for lack of novelty and of individual character in consideration with :… Read the rest


When the specialty principle does apply to design, copyrights and drawings

While the specialty principle does not apply to designs, copyrights and drawings, several recent decisions of the OHIM recall that the informed user is identified, according to the class of products mentioned in the application.


This approach is particularly important when a design is contested on the basis of a prior trademark or, more generally when the case is about Read the rest


Le principe de spécialité s’immisce dans les dessins et modèles ?

Si le principe de spécialité n’est pas opérant en matière de dessins ou modèles, plusieurs décisions récentes de l’OHMI rappellent que l’utilisateur averti est identifié en fonction de la classe de produits figurant dans la demande d’enregistrement.


Cette démarche est notamment importante lorsque la validité d’un modèle est contestée sur la base d’une marque antérieure, ou de façon plus générale Read the rest