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Franchise et TMCH : Article à lire d’urgence pour les réseaux qui s’intéressent à Internet !

We have already published a great number of articles concerning the TMCH:

* https://www.ip-talk.com/en/2013/10/28/la-tmch-attention-aux-multiples-propositions-commerciales/
* https://www.ip-talk.com/en/?s=.WINE
* https://ip-talk.com/blog/en/2013/04/08/nouveaux-gtld-est-ce-que-la-tmch-est-pour-vous/

The issue we are raising in this article is whether the new Generic Top Level Domains (Gtld) are of particular interest for a Network.

Experience shows that, in terms of the Internet approach, there are basically 3 major categories of companies:
a) … Read the rest

Copie de concept et concurrence déloyale: une action délicate à bien anticiper

In a recent ruling dated July 4, 2013 in a case between Ameliste and Zankyou Ventures, the Paris Court of Appeal restated that a concept can only be considered as copied if any elements protected by intellectual property rights have been reproduced and unfair trading practices have been used.

So the question remains as to what precisely do we mean … Read the rest