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Customs watch, strategy and interest

The European Union Customs can be used to disclose counterfeiting goods according to an efficient process that is easy to settle.

The owner of a Community Trademark must send to the Customs of its country an “intervention petition”. This petition must detail the main information concerning the authentic goods, the current type of possible counterfeiting, the countries in which the … Read the rest


Protection of a fragrance under Copyright law?

On February 14, 2007, the Paris Court of Appeal decided that fragrances could benefit from copyright protection and thus overturned the June 13, 2006 Decision of the Supreme Court.

The decision was based on the fact that fragrance is the result of an artistic search and does not need to be fixed in a tangible form of expression. Therefore, the … Read the rest


Nicolas Sarkozy Vs/ Kärcher

On June 2005, at the moment of the Suburbs Crisis, Nicolas Sarkozy announce he wished to clean with a kärcher the 4000 estate of La Courneuve.

During the presidential campaign, these remarks were often taken again. However, KÄRCHER is a trademark owned by the company of the same name which is specialized in the manufacture of the high pressure cleaning … Read the rest