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L’imprimante 3D : le sésame de la contrefaçon ouvert à tous !

IPR holders have serious reasons to worry!

The invention by Professor Calculus in the cartoon of 1972 titled “Tintin and the Lake of Sharks” is not a fantasy any more, as anyone can now relief print a real object himself, with endless applications (consumer goods, weapons, and any objects in the medical, aeronautical, motor and food areas, and many others)!… Read the rest


USA, Shut-down et USPTO : comment se positionner ?

We have all read reports in the papers of the Republicans’ and the Democrats’ failure to agree on the 2014 budget (which was due to start on October 1). This agreement has caused the public administration departments to shut down.


But what about the US Patent & Trademark Office?

The USPTO is not a public administration like the others, … Read the rest


REVOLUTION DANS LE DROIT DES MARQUES APRES LES DECISIONS COMMUNATAIRES SPECSAVERS ET YAKULT ? Tout ne serait pas (que) dans le dépôt ? Deux décisions récentes des tribunaux communautaires le laissent à penser…

In trademark law, the analysis of files, particularly for registrations and oppositions, has always been based on the trademarks “as they were registered”. This means that any context that did not come into play during the registration of the trademark, whether it has to do with the sign, the sign’s possible description or products and/or services claimed, is disregarded.

It Read the rest


Le Droit Chinois sur les Marques : Plaidoyer pour une réhabilitation avec la nouvelle loi du 30 Août 2013 !

It is very often said that the Chinese legislation on trademarks reflects a protectionist approach (including against infringers) and is static, illegible and unfair.

This article tries to take an objective view on the Chinese system.

First, the system is based on the active and effective role of the Trademark Office. Should we complain about this? There is no … Read the rest


Nouvelle Loi Chinoise sur les Marques du 30 Août 2013 : l’Empire Immobile bouge !

On August 30 this year, China passed a new version of its law on trademarks (to be enforced on May 1, 2014). The aim is to gradually align the Chinese system with international standards.

Among the (many) changes brought by the new version, the one concerning well-known trademarks is of particular interest to us.

It is no secret that non-Chinese … Read the rest


Un moyen efficace de lutter contre les contrefaçons en Chine ? Inscrire ses marques auprès des autorités douanières.

Is this one of the ways to fight Chinese counterfeits?

Every day, we come across articles about trademark counterfeits in China.

The existence of industrial property rights is obviously the absolute prerequisite for possible legal action. However, owning rights for the commercial territories in which one operates is not necessarily sufficient because, when counterfeits leave the Chinese territory, it is … Read the rest


Déposer sa marque en son nom propre, est-ce une évidence ou la conséquence éventuelle d’un choix très réfléchi ?

La plupart du temps les dépôts de marques sont effectués avec spontanéité au nom personnel du porteur de projet, soit parce la structure juridique d’une société n’existe pas encore, soit parce que l’expert-comptable habituel pense que c’est un conseil malin pour garder un moyen de remonter des flux financiers à l’avenir.

Quels sont les paramètres à prendre en compte ? … Read the rest