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C’est l’histoire d’une photo d’un mec…

 « Aujourd’hui, on n’a plus le droit » d’utiliser la photo de Coluche


 C’est ce que doit « chanter » furieusement l’association des Restos du Cœur à propos de l’action en contrefaçon intentée à son encontre par le photographe Gaston Bergeret, auteur de ce célèbre cliché, pour son utilisation abusive.

 Pour résumer la situation, la photo litigieuse est utilisée Read the rest


Cola, Paris et Tour Eiffel : le nouveau ménage à trois mêlant droit des marques et droit d’auteur !

Regional Colas are the new craze! Following Breizh Cola, Corsica Cola, Provença Cola, Vendée Cola and many others carrying the name of a region, Parisians are next in line to have their own cola, and even a choice between “Paris Cola” and “ParisgoCola”. They will be released simultaneously this month by two different companies, which, having failed to reach an Read the rest


Launching of the e-filing in France

Since October 6, 2008, French trademark applications can be filed on line. This facility has been adopted mainly to avoid formal notifications which are commonly issued when applicants proceed with trademark applications by themselves.

The current on-line version is however limited to 650 characters by class only, which causes many problems and leads us to prefer the paper application in … Read the rest


The pledge

The pledge
In France and before the OHIM, the recordal of a pledge only requires a copy of the pledge Deed neither notarized nor legalised.
A translation in French of the Deed (for the French office) or in one of the two chosen languages (for the OHIM) is required. C
onfidential information can be concealed in the Deed. Recordal of … Read the rest

Pros and Cons of the change in the Madrid System Safeguard Clause

Since September 1st, 2008, the Madrid Protocol takes precedent on Madrid agreement. We can consequently proceed with the WIPO extension on the basis of a French trademark application only.

However, in practice, before proceeding with the international extension, applicants should wait for the end of the opposition, approximately four months in France. Otherwise, in case the basis trademark application is … Read the rest


Registration Proof in France for a WIPO trademark?

The French Trademarks Office (INPI) has 12 months (if the Madrid Agreement is claimed) or 18 months (under the Madrid Protocol) starting from date of the WIPO notification of an official action against a trademark.In practice the INPI issues no decision of grant of trademark allowance.
Consequently if no decision of rejection or opposition is being received in said applicable … Read the rest

From Tarzan’s scream to Tarzan’s cry

Three sound trademarks have been filed for Tarzan’s scream before the OHIM.

The first one adopting the graphical representation of a sonogram was rejected on September 27, 2007 since it was not considered by the OHIM to be clear, precise, self-contained, easily accessible, intelligible, durable and objective.

The second application containing a music score has been accepted for registration.


Ours sounds trademark is now registered

Our Community mark No.004901658 for a sound was registered on April 11, 2007 ! This mark did not encounter any notification from the OHIM or opposition from third parties. The combination of the graphic representation with the MP3 format englarges the registration possibilities for this kind of marks. We will report further on how this monopoly applies when enforced against … Read the rest